Friday, 23 July 2010

Not feasible

On the car park in the graveyard issue...
Chris Went writes:
It would be preferable not to have cars parked in such an area, but I take the point that it will allow elderly and disabled people access - the steepness of the path up to the churchyard and castle make it difficult for many people to visit.  It's a situation which does need to be watched, however.
Whether Anne wanted to be buried at Scarborough will always be a moot point.  My own impression is that she did but, since her thoughts were turned so resolutely to the afterlife, she might not have cared.  

The suggestion that she should be exhumed and reinterred in the Bronte vault is not feasible, not least because when the new church was built, the burials existing burials were covered in concrete.  The vault is not accessible without the use of a pneumatic drill.

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