Friday, 16 July 2010

An English lack of respect?

Heidi Büchner writes:
I observe that in England the graveyards are not respected or looked after as in some other European countries. When I have visited old churches when rambling in the countryside, I see that many graveyards are either neglected, or wild flower gardens. An exception could be the military cemeteries, which are designated to be very well looked after constantly.

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Anonymous said...

Old Church Graveyards are wonderful places, much loved by the locals, and very often, because the graveyards are so beautiful and undisturbed, they are used, particularly as meadow-gardens, to encourage the wildlife to thrive, a 'wildlife sanctuary' and infact, this requires much maintenance. I think this is such a wonderful idea and heartily encourage it. Of course there are those who definitely do not respect graveyards, and you will probably find that they have little respect for anything/anyone else, too. There could be many reasons for this, as we all well know, one factor could be that they have not been shown respect themselves, not been taught what self-respect is and so much more. This is very sad, as they clearly have no concept of that which is Sacred, including life and death, and therefore are missing out on such a vital part of life. We should pray that these people may be enlightened. Education is key.