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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

'The Dissolution of Percy' - in Salford

Caroline Lamb writes:
A rehearsed reading of a work entitled The Dissolution of Percy is planned for the Kings Arms Theatre in Salford, Manchester, for January next year. It is about the final three years of Branwell Brontë's life. The company producing it is hoping to take it on a tour which might include Haworth - it depends on the Arts Council funding.

Performance dates are Sunday 25 and Monday 26 January 2015, both at 7:30pm.
Tickets are free, and are currently available here
Here is the official media release:

Lydia has never been interested in searching for love, but, gnawed by loneliness and physical frustration, and immobilized by her station, companionship and release must be had, and soon. Branwell, a young tutor and amateur writer, is haunted by a history of creative and vocational failures. He struggles to fulfill his duties, pursue his ambitions and maintain a hold of his remaining good sense due to a growing attachment to alcohol and an intense, obsessive infatuation with his master’s wife: Lydia. Glowing ecstasy and violent sorrows, real and imagined, batter the mismatched individuals each in turn, but, all the while, something secretive and wonderful is happening back at Branwell’s family home. His three sisters have begun work of their own. But perhaps that’s of no importance.

The Dissolution of Percy tackles a notorious series of historical events reflecting the surprising lack of evolution in gender politics between the nineteenth century and the modern day. The pressure and emotional toll of high expectations dropped on young male shoulders, and the crippling effect of an unrealistic sense of entitlement on men in this “man’s world”, are exposed. Can a woman’s worth be measured by her relationships? Can a man’s be measured by any demonstrative display of masculinity? What is the definition of “success” or “failure” for a male versus a female? The Dissolution of Percy plunges its audience into a world balanced in stark counterpoint between high, violent passions, steady, grim pragmatism and gallows humour, to explore matters still fiercely debated today.

Donations will be invited, to be divided equally between venue and company, and the audience will be urged to linger (at the bar?) to discuss the play after the show.

Monday, 1 December 2014

President's Advisory Group

Brontë Society President Bonnie Greer is to form a new President's Advisory Group to discuss new ideas, refresh the work of the Society and create firmer links with Haworth residents. The group will include Helen Boaden, director of BBC Radio, and a former producer with Radio Leeds.

Read what she told Yorkshire Post reporter Andrew Robinson (and see her briefly on video) in today's issue.