Saturday, 24 July 2010

It is feasible...

On the car park in the graveyard issue...
William Callaghan writes:
At last a comment !!!   All I wish to do is find out if there is any information available about what is quite definitely the most serious matter the Society has ever had to consider in its history. 
At the present moment I have no confidence in what is going on.  The minister of St Mary's Church appears to have abandoned the graves in his care. There is no information being imparted to the Membership.  Do we have to wait until September before we can flip the flaps of the Gazette---which may or may not have some information for the readership ?
One solution, I have already mentioned on this blog. Another is to bring Anne to St Michael and All Angels graveyard and re-inter her remains outside there. There are undoubtedly others--but where are they ? 
If it is decided to re-inter Anne's remains inside the vault I do not see why pneumatic drills cannot be used to open up a space for the undertakers to place Anne inside. The importance of the need to sweeps aside any other objection.  I do not know if there is a vault---that is space. Or if it has been filled in completely, covering each individual coffin.
The celestial choir that is our Council continues to sing the great hymn of silence.  Any decision must surely involve the Membership, communication and debate is the thing.
A newsletter from Hon. Sec. of the Council would be a great help and source of information as it was when first sent and then abandoned. 


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say that gaining permission to remove mortal remains is almost impossible. The only grounds on which such permission is usually granted would be when an error occured during the burial of the remains (i.e. they were buried in the wrong place etc). I've been involved in serval cases and the answer has always been 'no'. In this case the issue is not the location of the grave but the 'use' of the surrounding area.

If there is an issue with regard to parking near the Churchyard it would probably be better to try and help the Church to find an alternative solution. It might also be cheaper to assist with the purchase / rental of an additional / alternaive piece of land for the same purpose than it would to fight a legal battle and to have remains removed and relocated in Haworth.

Anonymous said...

A good point! Let's be realistic.

Anonymous said...

Who could deny the issue is indeed the wrong location of grave? Moreover, consider Anne's last wish to return home. Both at law and in your heart you must know this situation can and should be righted. Mr. Callaghan's concerns, while if not legally dispositive of the matter, are most worthy of judicial notice. There is certainly interest enough here to support whatever needs to be done.