Sunday, 15 January 2006

Two Poems

Photo taken in Milan 2005

Two of my poems inspired by Haworth and the Brontë atmosphere:


Grey thundering morning clouds
In a rainy August day
What a gloomy atmosphere
For this new happiness of mine

It was only some hours since
I saw the best of all dawns
An orange cloudy golden heaven
Mixed with violet shining spots

It’s incredible to have it so dark
On this huge heather-flowering moor;
It might only be a little Brontë spell
To let me feel somehow a part of them!

MADDALENA DE LEO Haworth 5/8/1999


Always was I haunted
By an urgent desire
It is now fulfilled
And found its way at last.

‘…To live in Haworth
As its real inhabitant
To ramble the moors
All over by daylight

To reach Top Withens
And see its ruins
To feel that atmosphere
And the Brontë world around’

And this I really saw
A sort of paradise
With nature at its best
And no contamination at all.


Haworth 12/7/2005

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