Sunday, 15 January 2006

The Family of Blogs

Greetings to the moving forces behind the other blogs devoted to all aspects of the Brontës, especially to Cristina and the mysterious M, (Manuel?) the constantly energetic and well-informed people who put up such interesting material on Brontëblog. Thanks for linking to us - now we're linked to you.

The one you are reading is young: we are green and feeling our way a bit in this blogging game. Please be patient if we make mistakes because it could take a while before we find out about all the tricks which are available.

I currently edit the Brontë Society Gazette, true, but this blog is not supposed to be a substitute for it, not least because many members of the Brontë Society do not own a computer. The printed version of Gazette is an essential part of the membership.

We will probably end up with an eclectic style of operating in the coming weeks and months: you will read about events at the Parsonage of course, and news of happenings elsewhere connected to the Brontë Society, but hopefully we will be sent photographs, reviews and creative work as well. It will be easier to talk about our emphasis or our focus after we have been running for a month or two.

Feel free to use what you find here, but say where you found it. I am sure that your blog will be 'raided' now and then - take it as a compliment.

Richard Wilcocks


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. As we basically are devoted to all kind of Brontë-related news, we're sure this blog will be a permanent source of information (and we always quote our sources ;) ).

BrontëBlog team

P.S. M. adds: ... mysterious... hmmm I kinda like it.

Brontëana said...

Feel free to raid, by all means ;)

I would not worry about learning the ropes. There are many kinds of blogs, and each one is as unique as the person (or persons) posting it. I don't believe there are 'mistakes' to be made. It does take some time to discover your own way of blogging, but once you find it, you will have a lot of fun, believe me! Mine is a discussion blog- Christina and M do the news mostly. At first I tried writing literary criticism but I found that too taxing for even a weekly basis so I just opened it up to anything Bronte related which interested me- everything from my own anecdotes to new DVD releases (Tenant and the 1973 Jane Eyre in a few months!) to... action figures.

Best of luck, and welcome to the 'family'!

Brontëana said...

Speaking of raiding... You might be interested in this news of a new Masterpiece theatre production of Jane Eyre! :