Friday, 13 January 2006

Milton Rosmer as Heathcliff


Alex said...

This is close to how I imagined heathcliff when I first read the novel. Olivier no way!

Robin Fox said...

My father told me of taking part as an extra in a film
"about the Brontes" in 1920. At least it was "after the War" as he told it. He must have been about 14 and working "half-time" in a wool mill (half-time at school) in Keighley. He told me that a bunch of boys were recruited and paid a shilling each (I think) to wave their caps (they all wore those flat caps then) and cheer as a carriage came past - or up to
the gates of a house I think it was.

They had to wait for a signal from the director and then jump up and down and cheer and wave. They rehearsed it a few times, then did the "take." He remembered it as a great lark, but he never saw the film. Neither did I and paid no particular attention.

I didn't see the film referred to anywhere and thought perhaps it was never finished. But this article brings it all back. Where can one view the stills on line? Is it possible? I do hope someone finds a copy. Please let me know if they do. I doubt I could recognize my dad in the crowd of boys, but I would know he was one of them!

Some other people might have similar recollections.