Saturday, 21 January 2006

Live in Belgium or the Netherlands?

You don't have to live there to send for a copy of Selina's book, though...

Brussels in Brontë Times
A Historic Picture Album
Selina Busch

Available from the author price £20

Write to: Selina Busch
Kerkstraat 7
4001 MA Tiel

Appeal to kindred spirits......

I am a lifelong Brontë admirer who has recently moved to Brussels, as a result of which I have become interested in the Brontë Brussels connection. After re-reading Villette and The Professor, it was enlightening to read the books on the Pensionnat Heger and other Brussels places produced by my neighbours in the Netherlands, Eric Ruijssenaars and Selina Busch.

In the glow of my revived Brontë enthusiasm it occurred to me how fitting it would be to have some sort of branch of the Society based in Brussels, to enable members here to meet each other and perhaps organise the odd event. I know that the Society recently organised a trip to Brussels, but I don't know whether members living here have ever organised events on their own initiative.

Since there are not likely to be a large number of us, the kind of meeting I had in mind would be very informal and on a modest scale: maybe just a reading-club type discussion of one of the books, an informal talk perhaps given by one of the members, or even just viewing a film version of one of the works.

I originally thought of a branch for members in Belgium; I have contacted those I have been able to locate and some people have responded very positively. But although there may be more members here I haven't contacted, there are probably not quite enough to make it feasible to organise meetings, so it seems logical to include the Netherlands as well, particularly as Eric and Selina are interested in the idea.

Could any Belgian or Dutch members I haven't contacted, and anyone else who is interested, please get in touch with me? By “anyone else� I mean members in other countries who live near enough, or have the time and inclination to travel, to a central point convenient for all such as Brussels.

Helen MacEwan

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