Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Garden of Oblivion - exhibition

Ian M. Emberson writes:
I have been to many art exhibitions, but this one is unique in having magnifying glasses dangling beside the drawings !  Seen from a distance Franklin's ten pictures appear as nothing but areas of vague grey mistiness.  Only as one gets closer do various dream-like concepts emerge – people, houses, skies and vast distances of  moorland.  There is no attempt at literal illustrations of  the Brontë life-stories, novels or poems.  The artist has taken all these elements into himself, and reinvented them through the power of  his imagination.  Nine year old Amy Jessett said it all when she wrote on the visitor's sheet : “As exciting as opening a book you've never read”.

'The Garden of  Oblivion' - exhibition of ink drawings by Franklin Santos Silva at the Brontë  Parsonage – 2 March to 5 April 2012

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Anonymous said...

What a great idea to have magnifying glasses strategically placed- how different things appear then.
It isunfortunate that this exhibition finishes before the viewing for members on the 13th April which is between 7pm and 9pm.