Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Attack on Rawfolds Mill - commemoration

There's a photo shoot at 11 am today at Roe Head School (in the photo, now renamed Holly Bank) in Mirfield organised by the Reporter newspaper. A number of people will be there in role, in costume, for example Major David Pinder will appear as William Cartwright, the owner of Rawfolds Mill, which was attacked by Luddites in 1812 following similar attacks on other mills in the West Riding. Major Pinder will give an account of what happened two centuries ago on Saturday.

The two hundredth anniversary is on the 11 and 12 April.

In aid of Holly Bank School, Imelda Marsden will present Two Speakers with A Difference, in commemoration of the attacks, at the school on Saturday 14 April at 2.15pm, in the room where Charlotte Brontë once taught. Tickets are six pounds. The first talk is about the attack, and the second about Shirley.

One of the raffle prizes is half a gallon of 'Luddite beer' which will be drunk at the Shears pub in Liversedge, once a meeting place for the followers of General Ned Ludd.

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B. Skilet said...

That event, I am sure, will be very interesting- in a place,then called Roe Head, where Charlotte not only benefitted from the education she received but where she seemed to enjoy her time.The area and her father's stories must have made an impression on her. I think she wrote 'Something about Arthur' soon after her return home from the school and of course there is 'Shirley'.
Poor Charlotte she must have been very disappointed when she received G.H.Lewes review of it but perhaps she had the final word in her reponse-
' I can be on my guard against my enemies but God deliver me from my friends!'