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Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Brontë Society June weekend 2022?

 A number of people have been in touch, particularly members from North America, wondering whether there will be a meet-up in Haworth in the second week of June (Friday 10th/Saturday 11th). The June weekend was usually described as 'AGM weekend', but this year the AGM will be held in the autumn, as it was in 2021. There are no official events planned, but according to information in recent emails to this blog, some members will be meeting unofficially. It appears that Zoom contact, useful during the pandemic, can not substitute for in-the-flesh contact. Please get in touch if you have definite plans. 

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Anonymous said...

Having enjoyed my stay in Haworth, in June, for many decades I have always felt that the AGM was only a small part of what were really celebrations and thanks for the lives and works of all the Bronte family. Of course these celebrations have not been possible during the last few years but, as stated in the original blog, useful as electronic contact is, there is really no substitution for the atmosphere that exists for those few days in Haworth. An atmosphere of friendship and true dedication to this remarkable family- in the village they made famous.