Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Haworth clampers - yet again

Richard Wilcocks writes:
This blog regularly receives emails and comments (which appear below posts made in previous years) about the activities of Haworth's energetic wheel-clampers, based at the Changegate car park. Just in case you are new to this depressing saga, the advice is to park your vehicle elsewhere, for example in the Parsonage car park run by Bradford. You might also be interested in a website which gives excellent and comprehensive advice on penalties and any legal recourses which might be available to you: click here.

If you do take legal action, for example in a small claims court, please let us know what happens.


Anonymous said...

We had a lovely day at the \parsonage in Haworth and stopped at the car park opposite the Edinburgh woollen Mill where our nightmare began.
We were offered a parking ticket from a carfull of young men!! We visited the woollen mill and had not been gone 5 minutes when were clamped by this firm of rogues!! Obviously a scam -we had been 'set up' by these ruthless coniving people!!
it cost us £90.00 to get the car unclamped by these preying pyrannahas.
If this is how visitors to Haworth are treated I am more than surprised that anyone would even consider parking in this town
Ruthless, preying mantas can only half describe these villains who ruin the lovely experience that Haworth has to offer.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of information you have posted in the past I thought you may be interested.
Following on from the success in Haworth, I guess, Carstoppers have, according to the weekly paper for the area, moved on to a small North Yorkshire market town. They are doing a roaring trade in 'declamping' people for the princely sum of £150.00
Various stories have been printed about how many people have fallen foul of this notoroius firm.
'A driving instructor , engine still running, stopped to allow his learner to change seats with him'.
'A couple- engine running- blocked in by a Land Eover which sped up to them at speed'.
'A lady delivering items to the local charity shop's back door- no parking on the busy main road at the front- had to go to the bank to withdraw some money to allow her car to be released'.
When asked how he could sleep at night the clamper apparently said it was easy as he had just taken £150.00
Visitors to Skipton should avoid Devonshire Place at all costs.