Saturday, 5 June 2010

Annual Weekend - Glimpses

Friday, early evening:

Most of the members have arrived, and the temperature is high. Smiles are on faces, sweat on brows. What are they anticipating? Here's what a few of them said, with their photos below:

Well I'm looking forward to the ghost hunt tomorrow though I know it's not Brontë Society strictly speaking, but the real attraction is the restored piano later this evening. Oh, and I'll be singing, on Sunday evening in the Old White Lion, which should be fun. Jazz of course!      Val Wiseman from London

I am looking forward to hearing the piano being played in the out-of-hours Parsonage atmosphere, and I particularly want to listen to Lucasta Miller because I think she's a very sane voice.    Chris Went from York

We have arrived only recently from Belgium - Brussels actually, and we have not seen inside the Parsonage yet! I would love to see just where they lived and worked. This is my first time in Haworth.    Patricia De Gray

Yes, the first time! So far we have been walking on the moors - we got as far as the Brontë Falls.   Patty Simou

I must listen to the piano in Mr Brontë's Study, of course, which promises to be wonderful, and this weekend I'll be taking photos as usual, perhaps with this Leica, and enjoying Brontë Society company.   Brian Speakman from Dagenham

I'll be walking on the moors a lot because this is my home away from home: my soul is here.  Judith Watkins from Toronto

I'm going to walk around Haworth on Sunday because there are so many things I still don't know after all these years.  Stephen Loftus from Birmingham

I am thinking of what was announced this afternoon by Andrew Macarthy - the appeal. This is for three Charlotte Brontë letters which are coming up for auction in New York on 17 June. One of them is very important, and we're looking at between seventy and a hundred thousand dollars.   Ann Dinsdale from the Parsonage.

To be continued...

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