Monday, 28 June 2010

Anne's grave

Blog readers' opinions are welcome on the issue of whether the graveyard at St Mary's church in Scarborough which contains the grave of Anne Brontë  should be used for car parking.

Dave Selby writes:

My family and I visited Scarborough on the weekend on 29 May.  Being members of English Heritage, we were attending an event at Scarborough Castle.  While we were there we decided to visit the grave of Anne Brontë as we had recently been to Haworth. 

It was with disbelief and horror to discover that the church graveyard had been turned into a Pay and Display car park. To compound this, the cars were actually parking between the gravestones.  This shows the total disrespect of the church and public alike.

I have already written to the Scarborough MP and also contacted the Scarborough News to run a story of how this ground is now being used.  I have also set up a Facebook Group to support a change of use for this ground.

I am looking to highlight this blight to the Brontë name and  hoping it will change the church's opinion in using the sacred ground in this way.

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fabriquefantastique said...

stumbled on this blog...and indeed this is disgusting. I am often in Yorkshire (my daughter lives there) I will email appropriate council Also I will post this on my blog (such as it is) today...lets spread the word.