Monday, 3 March 2008

Wild at the Parsonage

Parsonage Director Alan Bentley showed a party of six film-makers around last week, all of them connected with Brontë - the movie - which will start filming in May and which is directed by Charles Sturridge.

Amongst them was Nick Wild, managing director of Film Squared, the production company based in Holmfirth, Yorkshire.

"The party was given a pretty comprehensive guided tour," Alan told the blog. "They were taken behind the scenes and looked at every detail.

They were particularly interested in the current exhibition - No Coward Soul.

It is still unlikely that the film will include shots of the Parsonage, but Nick Wild is talking about using Haworth.

We are now expecting visits from the principals: Natalie Press is coming soon....."

Brontë is being backed by Mel Gibson’s Icon Entertainment production company and was quite a topic of conversation at the recent Berlin Film Festival.

Below, Natalie Press (to play Charlotte) in a scene from the TV production of Bleak House:

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