Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The Brontës: Revisiting Inner Space

This one-day conference is on 28 March, organised by l'Université Toulouse II-le Mirail, France (see previous post), with Catherine Lanone, Laurence Talairach-Vielmas and Charlotte Borie as directors.

This is the conference's introductory statement:

Much has been said about the way in which Charlotte and Emily Brontë transposed the Gothic sense of enclosure and located alienation within the domestic constraints imposed upon women. This colloquium aims to study the ways in which the sisters negotiate the boundaries of self and society and (re)locate or conceal intimacy, especially through the tropes of sincerity and theatricality.

Interest may range from the way in which they create a visual world of their own in the juvenilia, pictures, poems, letters or novels— not to mention the essays written in Belgium, which obey and challenge the constraints of form and language.

Particular attention may be paid to the function of embedded pictures or theatrical moments within the novels, reflecting or challenging the way in which the narrative voice represents the self. The dialectical play on mask and revelation may be connected with wider cultural debates and issues, possibly focusing on the way in which the private self may be exposed through
transpositions, from the Victorian performances of Jane Eyre on stage discussed by Patsy Stoneman to twentieth-century rewritings.

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