Wednesday, 7 June 2006

Meeting in Vignola

Prof. Franca Gollini Tiezzi reports on a recent meeting of the Italian Section:

On 27th May 2006 we met in Vignola at the Osteria della Luna, an old and historic inn in the very centre of the town, not far from the medieval castle.

The meeting was to celebrate the reprinting of the Italian
translation of The Life of Charlotte Brontë by Elizabeth Gaskell.

After introducing the famous book, Prof. Franca Musi read some of the most significant letters which Patrick Brontë wrote to Mrs Gaskell asking her to write the memoir of his dear daughter Charlotte immediately after her death. The letters were taken from The Letters of the Reverend Patrick Brontë edited by Dudley Green. They give us a new picture of the Brontës' father who is seen for the first time not only as an eccentric but also as a learned, sensitive, caring man.

The talk aroused great interest and enthusiasm and was followed by a lot of questions about Patrick and the Brontës.

The meeting ended with a nice party with delicious cakes and the famous Vignola cherries.

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