Sunday, 18 September 2016

A case of plagiarism

Push Me Away plagiarises Emily’s Journal

Sarah Fermi writes:
I recently came across what looked like a very interesting book — Push Me Away, written by — Branwell Brontë (!).  I started to read the book, and it became even more interesting than I expected.  The primary story involves Branwell and his reincarnated double, John Eaglewood.  But there is also a supporting secondary story regarding Emily Brontë, and it was strangely familiar to me.  It appears to be based directly on events only ever described in my novel, Emily’s Journal.  This is a clear case of plagiarism.  Unfortunately, Dr Lambert-Hills, the actual author of Push Me Away, permits no true acknowledgments of his sources; the entire production is fictional including the owner of the copyright (Branwell Brontë); and the people included on the page of thanks are all fictional characters in the book. 

Sarah Fermi

So this is advice to anyone reading Push Me Away, who is wondering where the new material on Emily came from:  you can find it all in a work of plausible fiction, Emily’s Journal, by Sarah Fermi,  — available from Amazon, and from the Brontë Parsonage Museum Bookshop.  The work was based on several years of research, and there is a full account of which parts of the story are true, which are theoretical but probable, and which are fictional.

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