Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Poetry at the Parsonage - first weekend of July

Richard Wilcocks writes:
Matthew Withey and Mark Connors
On the Parsonage website (see links on the right of this page) you can read all about the significant and potentially spectacular gathering of most of the current species of Yorkshire poets in just a month's time. You will find a list of the main names there, but two which should be given a special mention right now are those of Matthew Withey, one of the main organisers at the Haworth end, and Mark Connors, seen together here at the launch of Charlotte Great And Small. Matthew is on the Parsonage staff and Mark is not only a poet himself but an energetic organiser of events who runs marathons in his spare time - most recently in Edinburgh. He can always be found at Word Club, which meets monthly at the Chemic Tavern in Leeds, and often at other poetry venues across Yorkshire. To get so many people together as performers for a weekend event is an amazing achievement. 

All that is needed now is a series of audiences, so please plan to come! The festival will take place in the Parsonage garden, the Old School Room and West Lane Baptist Centre (there's a substantial Fringe) with refreshments available. Admission is free (donations of £3 a head appreciated) and everyone is welcome.

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