Sunday, 2 October 2011

New Wuthering Heights survey

Paul Daniggelis writes:
This brief survey below was prompted by reviews and trailers of the new
It is primarily designed to satisfy my curiosity of how people see WH. 
Wuthering Heights (WH) film presentation by Andrea Arnold.
It is not a requirement that you have seen this version but if you
respond to these questions it would help if you note that you have seen it.

You may explain or not any of your answers as you will.
You may pass the Survey on to others who may wish to respond
but it is primarily designed for those who have an abiding interest
in the Bronte legacy, not for the casual observer.
I will at the appropriate time compile the results for the perusal
of all who respond.
If you would like to ask your own questions regarding this new film
please do so.
Thank you for your responses.
 1A. Do you consider WH to be primarily a Romantic novel?
 1B  A novel of Obsession and Revenge?
 1C  Other?
 2A  In your opinion is Heathcliff evil?  
 2B  A person to be admired?
 2C  A product of an abusive background?
 2D  A sympathetic character
 2E  Other?

 3A  In your opinion is Cathy selfish?
 3B  Confused?
 3C  Normal?
 3D  Other?
 We know there is sex in WH but it is not explict.
 4   Will you welcome explicit sex scenes in WH?
People use offensive language all the time. Presumably
there was explicit language excised from WH.
5. Will you welcome explicit langauge in the new WH
    including the "N", "F" and "C" words?
Interpreters of the Brontes and their novels have
occasionally implied "incest" as part of either their
lives or their novels or both.

6. Will you welcome the introduction of incest as a theme in WH?
Ms Arnold has filmed only half the novel as has Hollywood far more often than not.
7. Can you accept yet another half-told story?
The film cast a black person for the first time in a Bronte story.
8A  Do you find this offensive?
8B  Acceptable?
8C  Other?
 9. In this politically correct world, will your opinion of Heathcliff be
altered because he is black in this film?
Thank you for your interest.
Paul Daniggelis
El Paso, Texas, USA


Anonymous said...

I hope some respect is shown to the original in Andrea Arnold's movie!

Anonymous said...

I doubt it. It's best to stick to reading the novel: Emily's words cannot be bettered and, as always with a novel, you can form your own pictures in your mind.

Mary Hutchings

Portugal said...

At first, I found the story confusing what with the two Catherines but once I got a grasp on what was going on, I was swept away. 'Wuthering Heights' is amazing. The story is intense and passionate. It makes a bold statement on bi-racial love, class and cultural barriers, and revenge. My most favorite character is the most evil of them all - Heathcliff. His story just shows how much damage resentment, pride and revenge can do to a human being. It is a timeless lesson. The only negative of this book is that the relationship between Catherine, the younger and Hareton feels underdeveloped. It just happens too quickly. Otherwise, I think the ending is appropriate. The younger characters don't repeat the mistake of their elders. Too bad they're cousins. It gives the story a twisted, perverted edge. In the end, though, this book is most certainly worth the read. The story is captivating, suspenseful and intense. When you read it, you don't know what's going to happen next. You just want to keep reading to find out. A genuine treat.

Anonymous said...

When I posed this survey re: the 2012 Wuthering Heights, I expected many more responses. I received only a handful; not enough to warrant any meaningful compilation of the results. So, I abandoned the project. I am considering another idea. We know the Bronte family were Tory in their political thinking. Do you suppose they would be -- today?