Saturday, 30 April 2011

Cumbres Borrascosas

Hernán Espinosa writes from Buenos Aires:
Back in 2007 you posted in your blog news about my rock opera Cumbres Borrascosas based on Wuthering Heights, when the opening night was frustrated due to a fire that burned the whole theatre, remember? (

Well, it´s my pleasure to inform you that, nearly four years after the tragedy (in which I never found the strengh to return with the show), Heathcliff and Catherine are back! This time, we´ll be presenting Wuthering Heights, a rock-opera in the FIRST LATIN AMERICAN MUSICAL THEATER FESTIVAL which will take place in Buenos Aires next 6, 7 and 8 MAY.

Here in our production´s blog you will find all our updates, including photos of the brand new cast, TV presentation and more.

That´s all folks
Hugs from ARGENTINA!

¡Buena suerte a todos! (RW)


Anonymous said...

Is it really four years since you posted the information about that devastating fire? Congratulations to everyone who has persevered and not lost heart and enabled an Argentian audience to learn about 'Wuthering Heights'.

Gracias Wilcocks mr por informar de la buena noticia y mantenimiento de ventiladores Bronte al dia con todo

Hernán Espinosa said...

thank you so much!!!!!!

Danmark said...

This book is great, the story is so complex and intriguing but in a good way. The characters pull you in and wrap you up to the point that you find yourself detesting, adoring, and sympathizing characters. I believe that any book that can awake and grasp your emotions is a strong book. it is however a bit complicated and you will have to read it more than once to grasp it fully.