Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Another clamping outrage

Richard Wilcocks writes:

Haworth was in the news again yesterday, for the wrong reasons: the admirable Baroness Betty Boothroyd was on BBC Look North, and she was justifiably outraged, because the clampers had been at it again, with her as the victim. If only Carstoppers came around as an occasional or seasonal affliction, like the flu, but they are there all the time!

By 'there', we mean the Changegate Car Park, of course. Visitors to Haworth do not know that there are alternatives run by Bradford City Council, so they enter the clampers' domain and suffer. There are so many stories and anecdotes on this matter, that a collection of them would make a fair sized book. I remember, in particular, the couple from Sweden who were caught out for some trivial mistake and forced to hand over a tidy sum to enable them to drive away. They swore they would never come back.

This is the story according to today's Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

The Telegraph & Argus revealed yesterday the ticket had time remaining on it but had fallen face down so the women had to pay a £75 fine. Signs state all tickets must be displayed face up.

Carstoppers has been criticised for its strict policy before.

Speaking to the T&A yesterday, Baroness Boothroyd, 78, said: “I think it was outrageous. I thought we would be told, ‘Girls, do not do it again, put it the right way up and make sure it is.’ There was no kindliness at all.

“I have been driving for more than 50 years and never had such an experience. People are up in arms about what is happening. Us Yorkshire Tykes do not take things lying down.

“It is not fair if shops in Haworth suffer because of such actions. I do not know what can be done as it is not really a political matter.

“The Council should take some action and put a dirty big notice up saying people should not park there, and explain why.

“It is difficult parking around there. The Council should find a little space and introduce a shuttle service, like park and ride on a smaller scale.”

Mrs Megahy said last night an appeal against the fine to car park owner Ted Evans was in the post: “I have appealed but I do not expect to receive anything.”

Mr Evans said on Monday: “It’s pay and display and they didn’t display.”

It's a great pity that some people actually avoid Haworth because of this nonsense! Anyway, my very best wishes and sympathies go to Betty Boothroyd.

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Anonymous said...

Even after disgusting levels of bad press and obvius intimidating bahvior, I wonder why the carstoppers are still in business, I am the latest victim of their discriminating, intimidating and threatening behaviour and I can confirm that there is no stopping to this, the clampers are above the law and no one has power to put an end to this shame.