Saturday, 30 June 2007

Un incendio destruyó totalmente un teatro en Cordóba

Everybody connected with Cumbres Borrascos (Wuthering Heights), a rock opera which was to have premiered in Cordóba, Argentina, is feeling devastated at the moment, because the theatre burned down just before the first performance. Thanks to our friends at Bronte Blog for telling us about this.

You can read the whole story (in Spanish) in La Nacion at

You can watch a street interview with the director Hernán Espinosa on the production's blog at

I am sure the company will appreciate messages of support on this - click on Comentarios

Below, after the fire:

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Hernán Espinosa said...

Thank you so much for your supporting words and care,this is far beyond our expectations, not only the tragedy (where we lost all of our costumes, musical instruments and scenography), but also the reflect and impact of it in your prestigious blogs.
Once more, thank you so much.-
Hernán Espinosa
PS: We will saty in touch, and from now on, I will write my blog both in spanish and in english.