Friday, 16 March 2007

Wuthering Heights at the BFI

The image below is from
Emily Brontë at Haworth - A Personal Impression by Beryl Bainbridge (1973)

Simon McCallum writes:
I am a curator at the British Film Institute working on the Mediatheque, a resource in our new BFI Southbank venue where members of the public can access a range of material from the BFI National Archive.

I would like to let readers of the Brontë Parsonage Blog know that one of our opening collections, in a regular strand called The Book Group, is this month featuring Wuthering Heights. Users will be able to watch five TV and film adaptations of the novel and a range of documentary material on the Brontës. See below for the full listing of available titles - and I should stress that these will be available in their complete form, not just clips:

Wuthering Heights (BBC 1962) (starring Claire Bloom and Keith Michell)
Wuthering Heights (BBC 1967) (4-part dramatisation starring Ian MacShane)
Wuthering Heights (BBC 1978) (5-part dramatisation)
Wuthering Heights (ITV 1998)
Wuthering Heights (1970) (feature film starring Timothy Dalton)
The Brontës Lived Here (1973)
Emily Brontë at Haworth - A Personal Impression by Beryl Bainbridge (1973)
The Brontë Business (1977) with Joan Bakewell
The Brontë Connection (1979) - 'an investigation by Mary Butterfield'
Top of the Pops 78 (featuring music video for Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights)

The Mediatheque opened to the public today, and is open to everyone, free of charge. Some viewing stations can be booked in advance by telephone, or visitors can turn up on the day and book themselves in for a session.

Here are some useful links:

A full Mediatheque website will be up and running soon but in the meantime there are some basic listings and information documents available.

This is a great resource for any Brontë fans or fans of the novel, and should be of interest to Brontë Society members and visitors to the Parsonage.

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