Wednesday, 31 May 2006

Can you see them?

Several people have been in contact recently saying that they can see only the articles and pictures on their screens - not the links and the archive which should be displayed on the right hand side. The same people then reveal that their only browser is a version of Internet Explorer.

The right hand side appears to be shown on some versions of Explorer though. The blog is set up on a Mac using either Safari or Firefox. Safari is standard on many Macs, but Firefox is available for PCs.

It is possible to update your older version of Explorer, but be careful: it is sometimes described as a 'Swiss cheese' of a browser which has in the past let in viruses and hackers with ease and which is still vulnerable in spite of all the latest spin from Microsoft. Why not switch to something else (for free) like Mozilla-Firefox?

Please feel free to discuss your technical problems by emailing You won't be able to see this contact address if you can't see the right hand side.

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