Tuesday, 21 February 2006

More on DNA samples

Brontë Society Council gave the go-ahead for the DNA sampling at a meeting on Saturday. Here's some more information: the Parsonage has a relatively large quantity of hair, according to Director Alan Bentley, some of it of doubtful provenance. Some is genuine, some probably not.

Hair samples are connected to most of the family, with the exceptions of Emily and the young Elizabeth. Some of it was obtained through Ellen Nussey.

Apparently it is possible to find out about the time of the year, diet and pregnancy from a couple of hairs, and also about the presence of toxins.


Anonymous said...

This looks so exciting, I hope we can find out more about The Bronte family. I can't wait.

Sarah B.

Anonymous said...

how thrilling! The forensic
evidence will silence people
like Tully once and for all -
I´m looking forward to
that moment :-).


Cristina said...

Richard - how long do you think it will take until you get some news from them?